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Our contextual PREMIUM HUMANATIC technology places your advertising in relevant, premium placements while preserving 100% brand safety. Place beautiful ads where your consumers are most likely to see them - in images, the most visible placement. All formats are designed to enhance the user experience and are CBA compliant.

IN-IMAGE Advertising


Simply put, in-image advertising is exactly what it sounds like. Your ads get placed over images.
The concept is that these ads will capture the attention of the user more than banner ads do, as people have generally fallen victim to “banner blindness” and no longer even see the ads that are on the pages they are viewing.


The main targeting component is a content/topic list that you provide (ie. summer, holidays, destinations, sun protection). The chosen content works in conjunction with our technology and determines which articles your ads will run on. This is an important step in the process to ensure that your ads will run on articles about topics that are relevant to your brand. Moreover, our platform ensures 100% brand safety because of our innovative filtering tool -Premium Humanatic technology- which automatically excludes negative content from your campaign.

IN-IMAGE Advertising is set to disrupt how we utilize images around the web. Forward-thinking marketers understand that serving highly relevant ads within images that already have consumers’ eyes is compelling and engaging.
Anyone can understand that, because RELEVANCE means REVENUE.

As we already know, images have more power to improve and build brand awareness than just simple text.
We all know the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that still applies. So, in-image ads can be a great way for advertisers and business owners to pack their funnel with relevant prospects that are interested in their product or service. With the fast evolution of the world of digital marketing, it looks like digital marketers must adopt these new enhancements and solutions by placing ads in a more unconventional way. This is a good practice if they are placed on a medium that consumers like.

Embracing new technology can create better performance.


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